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Smart Building

What do we mean when we talk about Smart Building?

Le Corbusier, one of the foremost Architects of the Modern Movement of the early 20th Century, coined the term “The House is a Machine for living in”. Corbusier had great visions of the future in which our houses would be smart machines, which provided for the necessities of life and no more. His idea was that a building which was more efficient would lead to us being more comfortable and more productive. 

“A house is a machine for living in.  Baths, sun, hot-water, cold-water, warmth at will, conservation of food, hygiene, beauty in the sense of good proportion.”

Corbusier came up with this idea over 100 years ago.

The cars which were being driven at this time were like this:

50 years after his death Renault have created the Le Corbusier Concept Car based on his principles.

The Renault Le Corbusier Concept Car

It’s clear how far the technology of the car has changed in the last 100 years, but how much has our built environment, where we spend the majority of our lives changed to encapsulate the Modernist vision?

The technology is available to make our homes and our buildings operate automatically, there is no need for them to be manual. Our lives are busy enough, without having to consider how we are going to warm the home we live in each night. We don’t need to chop wood and light a fire each night to stay warm. We don’t need to rely on an electric blanket and a hot water bottle to be warm in bed. Our homes can be warm, without us thinking about it and without us worrying about the cost. 

What does this mean for you?

If you are away from home, you can go to your phone or ipad, and press a button which means both the water and your house will be warm when you get there. When you are living in the house, it will automatically know what it needs to do to maintain ultimate temperature, and comfort levels. 

This is a Smart Building. It is low energy, it is easy, and it is available.

How do we do it?

By utilising the Passive House technology (link) to create the ultimate thermal envelope, your house requires very little energy. This is combined with smart heating and ventilation technology to heat both your space and your hot water at very little cost. When connected to smart apps, this becomes both automatic, and easily adjustable to suit times when you are away. All of this can be part of the package for your house when you work with Team Green Architects. For larger scale buildings, this technology is upscaled to suit a greater variety of options and situations.