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What is a Smart Home?

Comfort, convenience and control at the touch of a button

Smart buildings put you in control meaning you can manage a range of functions like temperature, lighting and even blinds or taps with a touch of a button, or have it all preset to work without you worrying abound it. 

It’s simple, low energy, available now, and can be designed very easily into your project.

What does that mean for you?

To design a truly smart building, we first consider how you want to live and work. For most, the ideal is a space with effortless comfort and control built right into the foundations. That’s smart building. 

Whatever your design, we overlay it with advanced technology, allowing you to control all aspects of your building from smart apps. Because you start from a baseline of energy efficiency, very little extra output is needed to deliver an incredible level of comfort and control. 

It’s all designed to make life better.

Living designed around you

Step into the house, into the shower or wake up to temperatures preset to your ideal. For day-to-day tasks, the possibilities are endless – set the coffee machine to turn on, or activate lights or the tap with your voice. This is effortless comfort.

Less stress on the bank account

A smart home’s clever calibrations mean you use exactly as much power as you need to achieve the ideal in comfort – and no more. That means no overheated rooms and wasted power. 

Less impact on the environment

Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption. With automatic controls, you’ll reduce your building’s energy use and CO2 emissions, making a significant positive difference.