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What do we mean when we talk about Architecture?

At its most basic, Architecture is about enclosure, safety and  protection from the elements. But what is it that elevates the essential to the exceptional? Design is a consideration of the end customer at every moment, it’s a series of questions. If this was your home, we would want to know what would be your experience when you drive along your driveway? When do you first glimpse your house, what views do you have from different angles of your home as you drive towards it. At what point do you get out of your car? Do you walk to your house up a pathway or do you enter through an enclosure?

What is the first thing you see, what is the first thing you touch? When do you or your visitor get the glimpse and then the exposure to the fantastic view? How will you use and experience the space? How different is this to what you want your visitors to use and experience? How will you feel when you are in the space? What will you be doing...?

The questions never stop. And with a lot of review and reflection the answers are distilled to create the ultimate outcome: Elegant Sufficiency.

“Great Buildings are only great because of the love and human energy that goes into them”

Kevin McCloud (UK Grand Designs presenter)

"Team is a very appropriate word in the name of Team Green Architects. Sian and Mark are a great pairing, as are the people who work alongside them, resulting in a talented, forward thinking, imaginative group. We chose Team Green because we had worked with Sian before on another project .Our experience has been a voyage, made so much easier by their practical advice and ability to listen to our thoughts and guide us to the right choice .

It is without any hesitation that we recommend Team Green to any future client."

Sue Bulling