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Threepwood SIPs Panel House

This house was designed for a young family who were both the builder and the client. The design was to display the effectiveness of the Kingspan Tek "SIPs" Panels, for which Footprint Building are registered builders/installers. The insulation value of the Kingspan Tek is R5.2 for 135 wide panel. Highly efficient and effective, the house achieved a very high level of air-tightness using the SIPs panels and Proclima Tescon Vana tape around New Zealand thermally broken aluminum windows. A balanced heat exchange system is utilised to retain heat, and provide ventilation.

The home owners did not install a fire until July, as they found the house was warm enough without additional heat. The temperature only dropped on sustained overcast days. As soon as the sun came out the house was warm and toasty again.

"Thanks for our fantastic home Team Green! It's been a pleasure working with Sian, Mark and the team to build a home that's warm, healthy, sustainable and looks great too! The Kingspan Tek SIPs are performing brilliantly. These combined with the clever but uncomplicated design incorporating passive principles make the house a truly pleasant environment to live in. The effort of designing and building an efficient home in our view was definitely worthwhile. We used to always want to be out and about - now we never want to leave!"

Jane and Innis Hamilton, Queenstown NZ

Under construction

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