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Hawthorn Contemporary Farm

Designed for a couple from the UK who love New Zealand and are keen to embrace the principles of Passive House design. A close working relationship with both James and Jane created a team approach from the beginning. Jane Crill grew up in a farm house in Jersey, hence this was an aesthetic she loved. The driveway for the house enters via an avenue of trees to bring you under a Porte Corche into the traditional courtyard. The main entry to the house opens onto a large sunny external dining room with the living "barn" to the right, and the family/sleeping two story barn to the left. The house employs high levels of insulation combined with Proclima Intello Wrap for airtightness, and triple glazed windows imported directly from the Czech Republic. The pre-lining blower door test has achieved a score of 0.28 ACH under a pressure of 50 pascalls. This is currently the best reading for air-tightness in New Zealand - well below the Passive House criteria of 0.6 ACH at 50 pascals.

"My wife and I have first met Sian over 5 years ago when we worked with her on a new build project that unfortunately did not proceed.

However, last year we found another section and without hesitation instructed Sian, Mark and their colleagues at Team Green. We have delighted at the meeting of minds over both concept and design and their ability to work very much with the client to produce a design that the client feels really is their own. The whole process is completely collaborative. They also bring a very rare (within New Zealand) ability to advise from a position of knowledge on building a passive house.
Working with Sian, Mark and the rest to the Team Green members on the construction phase, has been a pleasure. They are helpful, knowledgeable and always happy to go that extra mile to ensure the client is informed and supported at every stage. Their attention to detail is most impressive.
We are half a world away and yet we feel totally involved – and the major reason is Sian, Mark and their colleagues ability to communicate. (It also helps having an excellent builder as we do on this project!)
We would unreservedly recommend them to any prospective clients.

James and Jane Crill, Jersey UK

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