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Setting the standard for beautiful, healthy, efficient homes

Reduce your heating bill by 90% and be 100% more comfortable...

Read The Comfort Equation here. It's how we help you figure out how to get the home that is right for you.

“We want to give you great design that is comfortable, healthy and economic to live in, and will stand the test of time.”

Siân Taylor

Your vision - our expertise

We combine your vision, our expertise in architecture and energy efficiency, with a team of industry specialists to make your dreams a reality.

Better living through smart building

It is possible to be comfortable throughout your home throughout the year, and to pay significantly less than your neighbour to achieve this.  We will guarantee you a minimum of 5x better thermal efficiency than a typical NZ building.

"The team were excellent communicators, prompt, effective and a pleasure to work with. I would enthusiastically recommend working with Team Green Architects."

Margaret Christie

Passionate expertise

We are a dedicated team, who strongly believe that architecture, energy efficiency, health and comfort can be yours without compromise.

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