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Level 1, 22 Ballarat Street
PO Box 1298
Queenstown 9348,
New Zealand

Airtightness Explained

Airtight houses are a relatively new arrival in NZ, and their advent has created a number of myths and concerns, meaning that their many benefits are often misunderstood and overlooked. AirtightRead more

Solar Power – The Assumptions and the Payback

Being a “greeny” we plan to install Solar Photo voltaic panels on our soon-to-be-completed Passive House. The reasons: To do the right thing for the planet, To save us some $$To learn more aboutRead more

Jack's Point Residence – in progress

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Riverview Terrace, Cromwell – in progress

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Renwick Residence & Winery – in progress

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Dalefield Residence – in progress

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The Comfort Equation: 10 Questions you need answered if you’re designing a new home...

Reduce your heating bill by 90% AND BE 100% more comfortable than your neighbour!Read more

Thermal comfort & healthy buildings

At Team Green Architects we are committed to ensuring energy efficiency for all our clients.  To us this means achieving better thermal comfort by using less energy. ‘Thermal comfort’ according Read more

Home Style Green Podcast with Sian Taylor

"What does it mean to be a ‘green architect’? In this interview, Sian discusses how it’s easy to justify spending a bit more up front on the things that really matter. In some cases, housesRead more

Thermal discomfort & unhealthy buildings

New Zealand Homes are prone to many forms of Thermal Discomfort. Here are six issues nearly every New Zealander will have experienced thanks to problematic design, and six issues you won’t findRead more

What kind of house will you get if you build to the New Zealand Building Code minimum?

The New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) is a document that provides the minimum standards of construction, to ensure your building lasts for 50 years, and is a safe environment in which to liveRead more

Fires: the good the bad the best!

Warmth, cosiness, hot chocolate, mulled wine, a comfy arm chair, a nice book……? The fireplace embodies a sense of home, a primeval focal point, a sense of safety. It’s one of fundamentalRead more
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