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Our approach

Our approach is to fully understand your dream and vision, to follow world leading energy efficient design principals, focus on a beautiful architectural outcome, and bring together the best team we can to make that happen.

As a Passive House certified practice we utilise over 30 years of European technology and innovation to create houses with unrivalled levels of energy efficiency, built for sustainable living, comfort, health, and architectural beauty.

“Why do we live in a country where climate and health damaging construction is commonplace? It doesn’t have to be that way, we know that by utilising passive house design techniques we can effect a big change in the way people experience the spaces they live and work in. It is possible to design houses that are far more energy efficient without having to compromise or invest too much.”

Siân Taylor

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"Tom and I loved working with Team Green. They listened to our long wish list and designed an amazing house taking all into consideration. Sian and Marks skills complement each other resulting in a fantastic team, professional, approachable and a pleasure to work with. We love the finished product... What more can we say!?"

Sophie Lucas